The primary occupation of the “Omega 3” Fishing Association is fishing for small pelagic fishes (sardines and anchovies)


In June 2012, in the Šopot industrial zone, a new facility, equipped with the newest IQF (individually quick frozen) technology with a capacity of 5 tons per hour, started with work. This way, the product is frozen individually, achieving a temperature of -18 degrees along the bone.

After freezing, the product obtains as thin layer of glaze. The mentioned glaze serves to protect the product from drying. Unlike classic tunnels, this system of freezing does not dry the fish by freezing in cold air, but rather keeps all of its natural characteristics.

The entire process of freezing, from the entrance of the raw material into the line, up to packaging, lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. The short process of freezing is exceptionally important in order to avoid the creation of ice crystals within the product, which in turn greatly affect its quality.

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